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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Father's Song

Early this afternoon I happened to pass by the Oratory of St. Ignatius in Loyola House of Studies. The skies were downcast; it was drizzling, yet I could hear the faint music coming from the Clavinova. I peered into the wrought iron grills of the Oratory to catch a glimpse of who was playing. It was Dougs, a pre-Novice from Arivisu. Dougs was with a Jesuit brother of mine, Atoy, perhaps talking about the latter's first perpetual vows. Shortly, their conversation concluded and Atoy bade us goodbye.

Dougs wanted me to listen to one of his new compositons. As I approached Dougs, Fr. Manoling Francisco passed by the Oratory and Dougs invited him over to listen as well. Dougs' fingers began dance over the ivories, and I was enthralled with the melody and morseo the message of the song—God is ever with us and longs to be with us.

After that, Dougs and Fr. Mano exchanged ideas. Slowly, what was already a good song was becoming richer, was becoming full of emotion. And then it hit me—I was somehow witnessing the birth of a song.

I was somehow witness to the religious experience of a friend, his experience of a God who never abandons us. I was witness to the guiding hand of a priest, who helps make someone's song everyone's own hymn. I was witness to the Spirit moving amongst friends.

For Dougs' story about his song, In Time You Will, click here.


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