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Friday, November 18, 2005

Into the Quiet

After two years of novitiate, a Jesuit professes his first perpetual vows. Other religious congregations profess their first vows to be followed by an annual renewal of vows. In the Society of Jesus, (since the first vows are perpetual) we formands have a renovation of our vows, twice a year.

I am entering into a triduum retreat this evening culminating in our renovation of vows this Monday, 21 November. In my previous post, you have read perhaps of my anxieties, my fears, and these are the feelings that I am bringing into this weekend's retreat. I likewise bring my friends, my family into my prayers.

I'll be using the preparatory prayer I wrote in the Novitiate, and it is with this prayer that I end this post:

Lord, my God, you move in the faint murmurs of my heart.
Grant that I may listen to your whisperings
That I may surrender to your love.
Let your love tenderly catch me, surround me, and envelop me with Your being,
That every breath, every sigh, every smile, every tear
Every dream and every hope may be filled with Your loving presence.


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