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Monday, October 10, 2005

Earl Grey Tea & Biscuits

As I was winding up a long day of preparing for my exams, I decided to have some tea at the nearby Starbucks Blue Wave outlet. The gloomy afternoon was perfect for a bright cup of Earl Grey tea and some biscuits.

Earl Grey tea is a variety of black tea infused with bergamot. It was named after a certain Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey who reputedly received as a gift, this blend of tea from a Chinese nobleman. This type tea became so popular that Twinings tea merchants were commisioned to duplicate the blend into what we know as Earl Grey now.

I prefer to take my Earl Grey with some milk, to complement the high note of bergamot with the creaminess of the milk--the milk gives the tea some body without compromising the citrusy character of the tea. It's sure to perk up your mood while it soothes you.

Lately, being exam week I found myself drinking cup after cup of Earl Grey tea made by different tea companies— Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Co., Twinings, and Tazo (of Starbucks). They're all quite lovely, however, Twinings stands out as the best among the three.

Twinings' Earl Grey leaves a distinct, almost addictive aftertaste, perhaps because of the quality of bergamot used. Long after sipping your tea, the bergamot settles on your palate making you crave another sip. The flavor is strong but not overpowering.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Co., comes a close second. This is a milder version of Earl Grey. The tea itself is very delicate, and I suppose that's the reason why the bergamot is but a wisp of a flavor.

Tazo ranks third. Their version begins with a very strong flavor, but disappointingly loses impact after each sip. It is nevertheless a good brew when accompanied with a rich pastry.

Hmmm. Writing this blog took a lot of time. I suppose I could go for another cup.


Blogger dougs said...

and i suppose u want another pony! ;) take care kuya. find time to relax and rest.

4:00 PM  
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